What if you got to know that after wasting $1000 on ads, your landing page copy doesn’t have the right font size to get the right user’s attention?

What if users weren’t able to read the USPs that you added on a Facebook ad creative?

These questions seem less valuable but actually these are the main reasons your cost per sale or lead is high on your landing page.

Today I am writing about an extremely insane marketing tool which can save you hundreds of dollars on marketing.

Yes, in today’s blog on “Attention Insight Review” we will get to know how an AI-driven conversion rate optimization tool can help you before the launch of your product.

I got an email in the morning from product hunt with the introduction of this amazing Attention Insight tool. They are giving 2 months free access currently.

I instantly signed up and tested the tool and the results were really insane.

I already have the actual data from Hotjar heatmap tool and this tool analyses the same with my landing page UI graphic.

I tested a bunch of UI pages and live URLs. It is a seriously good tool to invest on. Now I can save a lot of advertising and testing costs with this tool.

After testing, I decided why not to write a blog on Attention Insight review so that my blog audience can also know about it in detail.


What will you get in this article?

What is Attention Insight?

It is an AI-driven conversion rate optimization tool which can analyse a landing page, image, or graphical ad copy before launch and gives you data about the most attention-seeking element of your landing page.

It’s like a heatmap of your landing page but before actually making it live. You can predict the user’s visual attention with eye precision tracking of Attention Insight AI-driven tools.

It is an algorithm based deep learning Saas tool providing heat maps of landing pages and images to test where the user’s attention goes or where your target user will actually look into your landing page.

It’s the same as we test our landing page with Hotjar or Crazyegg for heatmaps and then update our landing page according to the result. It usually takes 2-4 weeks with these advanced Hotjar heatmaps.


We can run a prediction analysis of our landing page with this tool in just 5 minutes before launching our website or UI.

This below video on Attention Insight Review would help you to understand what it is actually and how it can help you.

It’s majorly built for UI designers and serious advertisers to save time and money on testing. It gives easy to understand insights to graphic designers.

Who created Attention Insight and why?

Developed in Lithuania by a team of marketers and developers including Darius Jokubaitis, founder of Attention Insight and I got one more name i.e. Kamile Jokubaite is the CEO of this heat map software.

Well, the founder called himself a Digital Media & marketing professional for years. He created the tool seeing the immense requirement of a product page analysis before the campaign went live.

I was inspired by his thought on Attention Insight and the problem it is designed to solve. The three major problems that it solves include:

  1. Marketers can make data-driven decisions and implement A/B testing in a minute.
  2. Product owners can make sure users see their products.
  3. Designers can show a design in a way THEY see it – user-centric.

How to get the benefit from conversion rate optimization tools like Attention Insight?

It is actually a predictive analysis web-based tool which helps in developing the perfect landing page or ad creative. There can be abundant use of it but in this Attention Insight review, I will like to add some major applications that can be helpful to every digital marketer.

  1. Analyse and test the landing page UI before development to save time and development team chaos.
  2. Predict the user’s attention on any static visual ad to ensure you don’t waste money on advertising campaigns.
  3. It takes 2-4 weeks to get actual insights through digital marketing analytics tools like Crazyegg, Hotjar but this tool has above 75% accuracy which you can test in just 5 minutes.
  4. The tool can also test the mobile version of a landing page that makes a big impact on digital advertising campaigns.
  5. Conversion rate optimization tools are seriously expensive for small businesses or marketing agencies and this Attention Insight predictive analysis tool can do it at a much lower cost.

In simple words, you just need to test your landing page UI in it and update the various factors that change the user attention graph such as font size, main copy location, lead form size or styling.

You can do multiple things if you know how your target user analyses the page. It saves a lot of money on landing page A/B testing and ad creative A/B testing.

Attention Insight review: Detailed testing and result

Already discussed a lot about the tool and how it helps marketers. Now let’s learn how to use it. As said earlier, I have tested it on multiple pages and URLs that I own.

Let me show you the detailed applications on it as a Digital Marketer.

Attention Insight features

It has less but powerful features for a marketer. You can do a lot more with the Attention Insight report for your landing page. I will talk about all of them one by one.

  1. Attention Heatmap
    It provides a visual heatmap of a landing page or creative having data about user attention and distributing the page in the least and highest attention-seeking areas.
  2. Attention percentage
    The coolest feature that helps me to decide the font size and position on my landing page is Attention percentage by AttentionInsight tool. It marks the areas where the user’s attention flows and calculates the percentage of attention that a particular object receives.
  3. Clarity score and benchmark
    Its AI-powered algorithm also predicts clarity score for your page and a benchmark with Alexa sites rank to see where do you exist in the competition.

Attention Insight dashboard

Well the UI team of AI has really created an easy to use dashboard. There is maths or science to understand the dashboard for anyone. 

How to use – Attention Insight tutorial

To analyse any page or graphic you just need to signup and accept the email confirmation within your email box. You will get landed at the “app” subdomain of the Attention Insight where you will find a Demo study report already in the dashboard to see the result of the tool.

Let’s understand the Attention Insight tutorial step by step.

Step 1: Click on the “Create” button at the top-right position of the dashboard after logging in.

Attention Insight Dashboard

After clicking, you will get landed at a new page something like below. Here you have to submit your landing page or upload your creative.

Attention Insight Research Dashboard

The Design type toggle bar has 3 options: Desktop, General, and mobile (experimental). The mobile analysis is under beta phase although it gives a good result for mobile view also.

You can submit 3 types of Website: Landing page, eCommerce page, News page to analyse. There is also a fourth option with the name “other” where you can submit any other type such as ad creative or social media graphic.

Step 2: Now you have to select the “Design type”, “Website type”, and name your study something.

You will have two options to get predictive analysis for, either enter a web page URL or upload a design in png format.

Let me show you a test of Attention Insight homepage analysis itself.

You will see the captured image at the right column of “Uploaded files” as shown below.

Click on “Analyze” and let the tool start analysing your submitted page or creative.

Attention Insight Analysis Dashboard

Step 3: In less than 5 minutes, you will have a heatmap for your landing page, Clarity score by Attention Insight, an Alexa Sites rank benchmark.

Now you just need to create the boxes where you want to get percentage attention like I am doing below.

Now you have a detailed analysis of the landing page you submitted here.

There is a bug or hack here, you can’t get the full page analysis of the page by just submitting the URL. Actually Attention Insight tool shows only the first scroll of the page that the user will see at first.

If you want to see the full page analysis of the landing page, you need to submit the whole page UI of your landing page.

You may ask your designer or capture the landing page UI using the whole screen capturing google chrome extension like Nimbuzz etc.

Now you can download the analysis and share with your teammates and make data-driven decisions to upgrade your landing page.

Attention Insight Pricing

Although the tool has a full 2 months free trial new signups on May 26th, 2020 and I am using that for writing this Attention Insight review. Don’t worry if you are late. It comes with a free plan for new users also.

The Attention Insight pricing consists of monthly and yearly subscription with one free and two paid plans as shown below.

Attention Insight Pricing

You can buy as per your requirement. In the free trial, you will get 5 free tests to test analysis reports and work on this advanced landing page conversion rate predictive analysis.

The Attention Insight Annual Plan comes with 20% extra discount as compared to the monthly subscription.

Attention Insight Support & Service review

Well, it is super awesome as I always test the support system first before writing and I am happy with the prompt reply from their team.

I emailed them about my plan query to judge the team response time. I am happy to add it is excellent. Although I don’t think anyone would require to connect their team as the tool doesn’t have any bottleneck to understand anything.

For queries related to billing, they are very prompt in replying.

Attention Insight Pros & Cons


  • Good internal dashboard UI to understand
  • Gives more than 75% accurate prediction of user attention heatmap as compared to Hotjar heatmap.
  • It can observe ad creatives and posters as well.
  • Gives Attention percentage to the page elements which helps in working on low attention-seeking areas.
  • Comes with a free plan when major tools for CRO tools come with only paid monthly subscription.
  • Advanced Apps and software for Adobe XD, Sketch, and chrome extension.


  • Doesn’t scan the whole web page when submitted via a URL. We need to submit the landing page UI image file to get insights.
  • No More cons yet.

Top marketers reviews on Attention Insight

The product hunt community really liked the tool and many marketers shared their personal views as Attention Insight review. I am just adding some of the top reviews here below.

Really easy to use. Also, no users needed to test, any sketch or screenshot can be uploaded and tested!

Heatmaps are great for validating first impressions but I personally love numbers and so Areas of Interest feature is sooo good.

~ By Ugnius Zasimauskas, a graphic designer & Digital Marketer


A useful tool for testing visibility of CTA buttons, offers, banners, etc. Helped me to make an objective decision.

~ By Liekis Carlos, A Digital Advertising expert


Conclusion: Attention Insight review (Final Words)

Attention Insight, a predictive analysis tool for marketers and graphic designers is worth trying and investing. We can save a lot on testing our landing pages and advertisement creatives with this tool.

I loved the Sketch and XD plugin which ensures a graphic designer about his/her effective designing complies with marketing principles.

Worth to try and Attention Insight free trial gives it wings to at least signup and test in real-time.

Go and signup for free and start testing your top landing pages and ad creatives now.

Common FAQs about Attention Insight

Q1. What is Attention Insight used for?

It is a predictive analysis tool to analyse heat maps of landing pages and creative designs. Digital Marketers and designers can use custom plugins for free and start analysing. The major applications of it can be:

  • Landing Page A/B testing
  • Creative design analysis to check marketing copy effectiveness
  • UI design analysis

Q2. Does Attention Insight offer a free plan?

Yes, it does have a free plan with 5 research analysis per month free.

Q3. What are the top Attention Insight Alternatives?

Although the tool lies in the category of Conversion rate optimisation and heat map creation tools. There are many similar tools that come with unique features and pricing.

List of top Attention Insight Alternatives

  1. Hotjar
  2. Smartlook
  3. Crazy Egg
  4. Lucky Orange
  5. LiveSession

Q4.  Is there any Attention Insight Coupon code or discount?

No, the tool already comes with a lifetime free trial offer. It doesn’t provide any discount for subscribing to this tool. Although we are in connection with their sales team, we have a special coupon code for marketing kites’ audience.

In the end, I would just add that it is a perfect tool for landing page analysis and run predictive analysis on an ad creative. Try the Attention Insight free trial today and check your self the worth of it.

If you have any query or feedback about the tool, do let us know in the comments below.

And if the blog really adds some helpful knowledge in your marketing dictionary, please share it with your social media community to help us grow.