If you can measure it, you can manage it.

The above quote makes all the sense of why sorting data is important. When it comes to digital marketing you can improve the ROI by more than 200% by just one catch in data. Being in Data analytics industry for so long I want to introduce you the 5 best data analytics tools, which solves every digital marketer’s problem.

In my last blog, I pen down the important data analytics applications and why a businessman should always focus on data instead of gut feeling only. This blog will help you to find some tools that can help you track the right data with your digital marketing initiatives.

Every business has a common goal to Increase profit, This is also true when it comes to the digital world.

In the Digital domain, you can increase your revenue by increasing audience reach, sales and gross margin. To increase any of these 3 you need to measure and optimise one or other KPI and in Digital space everything can be measured via data you have.

List of 5 Best data analytics tools in 2020

To measure and optimise data, you need certain advance tools and here are top 5 tools you can use for data and user Analysis for any digital platform.

Infographic on Best Data Analytics tools in 2020

Infographic - 5 Best data analytics tools for sorting digital marketing data

Best data analytics tool #1 – Microsoft Excel

The oldest solution provider for data analysts is Microsoft excel. Excel is an only tool which solves any domain data analysis requirement. This is the only reason I ranked Excel above google analytics in my list of best data analytics tools.

Under the corporate world, there is an old saying, a manager working on excel gets higher pay than a programmer. The reason for it is that a business owner understands excel’s true power.

Best data analytics tool #1 - Microsoft Excel

Main Features of Microsoft excel:

  • You can organize/clean your data
  • Builtin Charts
  • Use of conditional formatting
  • Different Formulas for different requirement
  • Trend identifying power

Best Part about Excel is

  • There is a 90% chance that you are having it right now in your laptop
  • You are already aware of it and have been using this tool
  • All the problems someone gets can be solved by just googling

Best data analytics tool #2 – Google Analytics

The biggest mistake anyone can do in digital space is not integrating google analytics with their digital applications.

Whether you are running a blog, eCommerce website, forum, android app or even iOS app, this tool can gather insights from all the digital plots to a single place in such a manner that even a beginner can get a lot of insights without doing anything and paying.

Best data analytics tool #2 - Google Analytics

Strong features of google analytics

  • Completely Free of Cost
  • Can give a holistic insight into the website/app users
  • Can tell you a lot about user behaviour on your website/app
  • Track users activities
  • Help you to fine-tune your website
  • Helps in segmentation of audience

If Excel is the King, google analytics is the GOD of Digital space

Best data analytics tool #3 – Tableau

Do you want to harness the power of your data? Unleash the potential of your users/customers? 

Choose the analytics platform that disrupted the world of business intelligence. Choose Tableau.

Excel is an amazing tool if you have static data or tabular data but if you want to dive deeper into analytics then another tool that will be of great help is the tableau.

Best data analytics tool #3 - Tableau

Reasons to choose tableau

  • Advance data visualization
  • You work with geographical data
  • Performance
  • Ease to use
  • Controlled Access
  • Live DB connection

Tableau public is free and can be used for learning purposes. But when it comes to business, the suggestion is to go for paid plans.

Best data analytics tool #4 – Mixpanel

Want to track each click on your website or app? want to understand how users are interacting with your website? 

Mixpanel can help you a lot. It is another analytics tool like Google Analytics but with a slightly different approach that it is based on Event tracking. 

Best data analytics tool #4 - Mixpanel

Its’ benefit over other tools

  • Free for 20 Million events click and 1000 users profile
  • It is good to analyse engagement via event tracking
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Map users with specific id to track their activity
  • Mixpanel provides excellent funnel analysis
  • Provides retention analysis to measure the behaviour of new users.

Along with the benefits, it has some limitations

  • It requires a little technical knowledge like the flow of website or app
  • It is not completely free

It is the best tool if your business/revenue depends on how people are using your app/website, especially in the longer run.

Best data analytics tool #5 – Kissmetrics

People are the one who uses your website, so it’s always good to track people and their behaviour on websites, not just page views. Kissmerics is a tool which helps to track users on the digital platform.

How Kissmetric can benefit your business?

  • Behaviour-based email automation
  • Monitor potential and important users
  • It processes the user’s historical data for the funnel.
  • Funnel creation
  • Event tracking 
  • It can analyse and segregate users with similar characteristics

It is just a compact list of 5 best data analytics tool for the digital platforms, No tools are better than others. Each has its unique property with some overlapping features with the other. So it is advisable to use tools in combination so that you make the best use of data analytics tools.