Email marketing is the top digital marketing channel which provides the maximum conversion rate as compared to all other marketing channels even paid or SEO.

Businesses and startups always focus on email marketing first to generate some leads for their product or service. In fact, according to the Mckinsey marketing report Emails are 40 times more effective to convert as compared to Facebook or Twitter advertising.

But the cost of sending emails to a list can be so much more expensive if you don’t know the right tool or software for it.

You can send a maximum of 500 emails per day through your Gmail account and if the platform understands that you are sending a number of emails daily, it may block your account also. And sending emails to 400-500 contacts is not as much as easy through Gmail.

Mailchimp or Aweber are market leaders but the cost of using them to send emails can be much higher than the return on investment for small businesses.

Free Email marketing software can save a lot of money and even time if you choose the right one according to your need.

In search of a free email sending tool, the first question arises

Why do I need an email sending or marketing tool?

If you have an online business and you are not sending emails to your clients or website subscribers, you are losing money. You are losing a huge amount of money just by ignoring the email marketing channel.

Email marketing is all an automation tool that helps you keep connected with your audience and get business through them.

Connect with your marketing person or website developer to ask, how many website viewers are landing on your website each week. If it’s above 20 you definitely need an email marketing tool.

If you are sending emails to more than 50 people daily, you need an email sending tool to make your work easy and save time as well as money.

If you have some emails which you think can buy your product or service, you need an email marketing tool with some automation features to convert them.

What are the free email marketing tools?

Free Email Marketing tool Infographic

Free Email Marketing tool Infographic

There is plenty of free email marketing software but the price of each tool varies on the basis of extra features it provides. Here is a list of tools which provide a free subscription to a certain limit and you can take advantage of these tools to save money and test your email marketing campaigns.

  1. Mailchimp – 10,000 emails/month | 2000 subscribers
  2. Sendinblue – 300 emails/day | unlimited subscribers
  3. Moosend – Unlimited Emails | 1000 subscribers
  4. Hubspot Email Marketing – 2000 emails/month | Unlimited subscribers
  5. Sender – 15,000 emails/month | 2500 subscribers
  6. Email Octopus – 10,000 emails/month | 2500 subscribers
  7. Zoho Campaigns – 12000 emails/month | 2000 subscribers
  8. Mailjet – 200 emails/day | unlimited subscribers
  9. Mailerlite – 12,000 emails/month | 1000 subscribers
  10. Sendpulse – 15,000 emails/month | 500 subscribers

As you can see from the above list a lot of tools provide free emails to your subscribers’ list. You can use any of them as per your convenience.

What to look for while considering an email marketing software?

It’s subjective as per need but yes there are a lot of features available with different tools. The major things to check while considering an email marketing tool are:

  • Email builder inside the tool
  • Responsiveness of emails through the tool
  • Integration with other apps and software such as your WordPress or Shopify website.
  • A good email sending server so that your emails never land in the spam box
  • Personalisation feature
  • Number of contacts/subscribers you can add
  • Automation or drip sequence
  • Auto responding feature
  • Spam compliance rules and setup
  • Hyper list building facility
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Social Media Integration

Top 10 Freemium Email Marketing tools

Let’s start diving into the pros and cons of these tools. How the specific feature of each tool can help you in your marketing strategy. I am adding all the freemium email sending tools which mean they have a free plan also to start without any condition.

#1 Free Email Marketing software is Mailchimp

Mailchimp is already famous in the internet marketing world for its mobile responsive emailers and email builder tool. If you have started to search about email marketing or automation, you must have found one leading name and that is Mailchimp. It’s because of MailChimp’s unique features at a nominal price.

After the recent upgrade, Mailchimp has become an “All in One marketing platform” for B2B and B2C business. Either you have a set of leads for your business or you are running eCommerce, Mailchimp can help you in either way.

mailchimp features - #1 Free Email Marketing tool is Mailchimp

Mailchimp Features

The marketing tools available at Mailchimp fulfils all the requirements of a digital marketing strategy. From Email Automation, mass mailing, Facebook ads integration, CRM, the custom landing page builder for business and eCommerce both, social media postings, Subscriber segmentation etc. it has all the required features.

mailchimp pricing - #1 Free Email Marketing tool is Mailchimp

I won’t go deeper about the product as we are looking for perfect email marketing tools for your marketing strategy.

What does Mailchimp provide in its free plan?

It has a freemium plan through which you can have 2,000 subscribers whom you can send 5 emails each. In total it will give you 10,000 emails credits each month to engage with your 2,000 contacts for free.

The good part of its pricing feature is, it provides the various integrations for free with its all plans. You can integrate it with Zapier with any other tool, CRM, excel etc.

There are some negative points also about this tool that you must know are:

  1. The setup for all the automation is complex. Even sending an email through Mailchimp is not an easy task. You have to learn it through youtube videos to create an email marketing campaign in Mailchimp.
  2. The further plans are costly and to use all the features it shows on its pricing list you need to invest a lot. If you plan to buy its premium features, be aware of the future costing also.

Although I still use it and recommend my clients who have large ticket products. The automation workflow works so well if you have money to invest in your website MailChimp API integration, Zapier and Mailchimp together.

If you want to try, it’s a free feature on WordPress, then this tool is perfect to start with.

#2 Free Email Marketing tool is SendinBlue

The next tool in our list is Sendinblue, a cheap and reliable tool to send emails to your list or subscribers. It was not my favourite tool before, but seeing it’s current pricing I must have to add it in my cheap email marketing software list on number 2.

As an email marketing tool, it has all the required features such as CRM, Email marketing, Signup forms, landing page etc.

sendinblue features - #2 Free Email Marketing software

What does Sendinblue provide in its free plan?

The best part for you about the software is It provides unlimited contacts synchronisation within it and you can send 300 emails per day for free.

If you calculate, it allows you to send a total 9,000 emails without any limitation in the contacts list to be uploaded on it. It’s a little less than Mailchimp but believe me, having unlimited contacts helps much more than just 2000 emails at a time.

sendinblue pricing - #2 Free Email Marketing software

For startups, it’s a blessing to market their audience for free with this tool. Sendinblue also has advanced segmentation of contacts in its free plan along with workflow editors. It solves the problem of having a large set of emails all segmented in a group or list you decide.

If you want to test email automation, Sendinblue provides it free of cost to up to 2000 contacts.

At the bottom, I am in love of its pricing page seeing the exclusive features for free with a limited set of contacts. At least anyone can start and test with a small list of email contacts.

The pricing plan of Sendinblue is not that much expensive to buy. You can easily move to its premium plans once satisfied with free features.

As of now, I don’t know any of its negative points. You may struggle with its email builder but that’s not an issue if you have done it before on other tools. So it’s good to start with if you just want to start with email marketing at a cheaper cost.

#3 Free Email Marketing tool is Moosend

Moosend is less popular but a good email marketing software which comprises all email marketing automation and requirements along with integration with WordPress, Magento etc. 

Moosend is specifically good for certain industries such as E-commerce, marketing agencies, Travel, publishers and SaaS. The following industries can take good benefit with this tool and their free resources.

The good features of the tool are:

  • Personalisation
  • Pre-built automation workflow for eCommerce
  • Drag & Drop email builder
  • Custom made landing pages

moosend features - #3 best Email sending tool

What does Moosend provide in its free plan?

The reason for adding it in the list on number 3 is it currently has a free plan having unlimited emails to 1,000 contacts. You can automate emails to 1,000 contacts with any number of emails per month.

It also doesn’t require any credit card for free plan signup. All the integrations are free with Moosend.

moosend pricing - #3 best Email sending tool

As of now, I couldn’t find any bad reviews or negative points about Moosend. You can try it without any hesitation.

#4 Free Email Marketing tool is Hubspot Email Marketing

Perfect CRM, email creation and marketing tool for B2B companies. The Hubspot has a unique CRM that can be customised as per need. 

Hubspot entered with a CRM tool initially but today it has all the tools that a business may require such as sales software, marketing software, team handling software and best CRM available on the internet.

If you want to know more about a CRM and what are the free alternatives are available for CRM, I wrote a detailed blog on Free Hubspot CRM Alternatives.

hubspot free plan features

Hubspot could make it to 1st position in my list as it has all the features that you require or I require.


Everything is not free in it and I am writing this blog for startups and SMEs in the early stage so I know you don’t have so much to spend in marketing.

What does Hubspot email marketing software provide in its free plan?

hubspot free email marketing features

You can send up to 2,000 emails/month to unlimited contacts. Hubspot is more famous for its CRM and the best part is it’s completely free to use.

You can easily set up HubSpot email subscription and forms on your website and start collecting data about all the clients at one dashboard.

You will never need to add your contacts in excel. The email sending tool can send 2000 emails only for free per month but you can automate your email lists to be segmented in a proper format.

#5 Free Email marketing tool is Sender

Another good tool to cater to your email marketing needs is Sender with a good eCommerce marketing system through emails.

Sender platform does have integrations with Woocommerce, Magento, Prestashop etc. for eCommerce companies and for their shops.

The email automation tool by the sender has a good process that can make your work a lot easier.

Sender features - #5 Free Email Marketing tool

From email newsletter builder to reporting, it will solve your need for email marketing as an eCommerce setup or B2C company.

What does Sender provide in its free plan?

Sender comes with a unique pricing plan according to which you can send 15,000 emails/month to 2500 subscribers for free. It all comes without any credit card integration.

It’s getting rank 5 in the list because Senders doesn’t have any limitation to its features. An eCommerce setup can take full benefit of the tool for free in its initial stage as 2500 customers can be served per month with Senders without paying any penny to anyone.

#6 Free Email Marketing software is Email Octopus

Email Octopus, one of the old email marketing tools through which I got my first success in email marketing.

The tool is very basic and all you have to create HTML emails to send through email octopus but higher deliverability and amazon SES gives good open rate while sending email through it.

The best feature about email octopus is its reporting for campaigns. Anyone can easily integrate it with Zapier and any other tool and start email marketing.

Email Octopus features - #6 Free Email Marketing tool

Email octopus is cheap as compared to others and provides good deliverability while sending emails in mass.

What does Email Octopus provide in its free plan?

The free plan by Email octopus comes with 10,000 emails/month to 2500 subscribers. It comes with all the basic email marketing features.

It doesn’t have any advanced email marketing characteristics in the free plan. If you know how to build good HTML email templates and have your own list of subscribers then this is a good one to start with.

Email Octopus pricing - #6 Free Email Marketing software

#7 Cheap Email Marketing tool is Zoho Campaigns

Zoho, a full-fledged sales and marketing CRM also gives free features to use email marketing. You can use its CRM to send emails also. Zoho is almost a competitor to Hubspot but provides more free email credits as compared to Hubspot.

I really like the features that Zoho campaign provides on its platforms like SMS campaign integration, eCommerce based workflows and subscriber management and tag management. All these extra features make it a good tool.

Zoho is a full-fledged solution for business but here I will only talk about email marketing.

Zoho Campaign fetaures for email marketing

Zoho can be a perfect email marketing partner if you are looking for your B2B business. 

What does Zoho Campaign provide in its free plan?

Zoho has a forever free plan in which you can send 12,000 emails/month to your 2000 contacts.

Except for Email automation, it gives almost everything for free for up to 2000 contacts saved in its CRM. You can think like a second Hubspot with more email credits each month. 

Zoho Campaign free plan for email marketing

Still, I love Hubspot as it’s easy to use and Zoho CRM is still untouched in my marketing journey.

#8 Free Email Marketing software is Mailjet

Mailgun owned email marketing software mailjet is another tool in the list that can help you market your audience through emails.

If you ever have used Mailgun for auto-response, you must have trust in its name. Mailjet has only 1 advanced feature and that is email sending tools. And the IPs used to send these emails land up in users’ primary box only.

mailjet features - #8 Free Email sending software

GDPR compliance email marketing software makes it more reliable as compared to others. Because due to this most of the email clients doesn’t spam an email sent through mailjet.

What does Mailjet provide in its free plan?

Mailgun and Mailjet are so cheap and provide their services at a very nominal price so that everyone can grow one’s business.

You can have unlimited contacts in the mailjet tool and send up to 6,000 per month for free. It does provide an advanced email editor along with SMTP relay if you require.

mailjet free plan wordings - #8 Free Email sending software

Although to use this tool, you need to create your emails on your own but higher deliverability makes it unique in all other email sending tools.

#9 Free Email sending tool is Mailerlite

Another full-fledged email marketing software like others and provides a free plan as well. Mailerlite also has all the features that an email marketing tool should have like email builder, contacts management, form etc.

If it’s all the same, do you know why I have added it in my list?

It has an email inbuilt survey feature which let’s create surveys in emails also. You can get feedback quickly without sending the audience to a new page.

What does Mailerlite provide in its free plan?

Mialerlite has a free plan in which you can send 12,000 emails/month to 1,000 email contacts. It helps you build email automation and embedded surveys for free to use.

Mailerlite pricing and free plan wordings

These survey features can help you a lot if you are a serious business owner or marketer.

#10 Free Email Marketing software is Sendpulse

Sendpulse is known for its free push notification feature also has email marketing solutions. Sendpulse is the easiest platform for naive to send email campaigns.

sendpulse features #10 Free Email Marketing tool

It has all the required features such as list building, drag and drop email builder, mass email sending tool, and reporting. Apart from Email marketing it also facilitates SMS marketing, chatbot marketing, Telegram chatbot, web push etc.

What does Sendpulse provide in its free plan?

Free subscription by SendPulse gives immense features to use as a startup either in B2C or B2B. Till 500 subscribers, it’s all free to use and you can send unlimited emails to the first 500 subscribers.

Along with emails, you will also be able to use 12,000 transactional emails per month, unlimited web push feature for up to 10,000 subscribers, unlimited Facebook chatbot feature and professional email marketing tools that can help your online business grow.

Ultimately it’s all in one pack for up to 500 customers for your business.


In the end, I suggest you go with anyone today from the above list, as keep on searching and research won’t give you results. You need to start using and learn how these free tools can help your business grow.

And at last, all these have free subscription plans without any credit card inclusion. You can test and move on easily. 

However it may cost your time, but these top 10 tools rank wise are already the best in the industry and I couldn’t make it 11 or 12 because I couldn’t find any other email marketing tool which has a free plan also.

Feel free to comment down your queries and your favourite free email marketing software. I will try my best to solve them.

See you in the next informative piece of content 🙂