In this data-centric world, every business is focusing on data of customers or prospects. The bigger the data you have, the more money you can make. And Hubspot like CRM helps businesses to store data easily in a structured manner.

As Hubspot is getting expensive and has limited features, it becomes important to explore some Hubspot CRM Alternatives or competitors having the same features but a little cost-efficient.

Before proceeding further I want to ask you one question.

Do you really require a CRM for your business setup?

Having customer data in large numbers seems to be fantastic.


Having data in lakhs of rows even doesn’t solve a business problem. You can not sell your service or product to all of them. Maybe some of them want something else other than you are selling.

Understanding customer journey is so important in this decade and only a CRM can help you to know when your customer is going to make a decision on the product or service you are selling.

To ensure that you have the right data at the right time, you will need to segregate your data in proper groups that can be migrated to anywhere to start marketing.

These CRMs like Hubspot help you to classify your data and at the same time capture, market and convert them into your customers. I love Hubspot and never thought to use any other Hubspot CRM alternative but Hubspot is getting expensive with its basic features and I was forced to try any other CRM.

Small business owners may have financial issues in using Hubspot premium. Many clients and my known network also keep looking for a new Hubspot CRM alternative with similar features but at a lower rate.

Let’s clear out some small queries that many of you may have. You can jump the section if you already know.

What is CRM & How does it help a business?

If you don’t know what a CRM is and how it helps you grow your business, here are some great pointers to understand CRM. So that you can choose a better Hubspot CRM alternative.

  • A CRM helps you find all your contacts like prospects, customers and sales team at one place to work collaboratively.
  • The modern CRMs have account-based marketing features which track each and every contact you make on your website or your documents. If you are sending an email to someone and he lands on your website, these tools track that event and you can actually know what that customer is looking for on your website.
  • A CRM also has multiple other features like email marketing, SMS marketing, chatbot, push notification, Call recording, internal team tasks and multiple other features.
  • If you have more than 50 contacts in your business then you must start to use a CRM to track all the communication and emails on a CRM to get better insights.


What features should a CRM have?

A CRM may consist of 100s of features but ultimately it’s all subjective on the basis of business you or I have. While searching for Hubspot CRM alternatives, I found many good and advanced CRMs available whose list provided below but according to me for a small business having a website set up and sales team must have the below features.

  • Accurate contacts information tool
  • All the contacts at one place and shared with the sales and marketing team at one place.
  • Email tracking whether opened or not and if opened then how many times the email receiver actually opened the email and clicked the link you send.
  • Email follow-ups and calendar integration
  • Lead categorisation on the basis of its characteristic or position in the sales funnel.
  • Basic Email, SMS and calling feature through the CRM along with proper tracking.
  • Import/Export the data collected in the CRM


Who requires a Hubspot CRM alternative and why?

You are reading it so that I can assume you already know about Hubspot CRM and must be looking for a better and cost-efficient CRM alternative that has similar features as Hubspot has.

Hubspot builts a really good CRM as a tool but its pricing is too high for a small business setup. Each and every tool provided by Hubspot comes with a high product price.

By looking at such problems I started figuring out other Hubspot CRM alternatives or competitors who can provide almost similar features.

Top 3 rising Hubspot CRM alternatives

Let’s dive into the list of Hubspot CRM Alternatives which are rising in 2020 and will give SMEs and rising entrepreneurs immense features to run their sales and marketing funnels at lower rates or free.

Top 3 rising Hubspot CRM alternatives Infographic

Top 3 Hubspot CRM alternatives Infographic

Hubspot CRM alternative #1 is Engagebay

Engagebay is an email marketing automation tool that also provides CRM and account-based marketing as per the set of rules we set. The biggest thing about Engagebay that attracts me is it gives email sequencing and Facebook ad management within its Free plan.

Hubspot itself provides all these features but not in a free plan, but Engagebay as of now provides a number of free services may be to attract customers.

My goal while finding a new CRM tool like Hubspot was just price and similar features in any other tool. Although the free plan does have some limitations like a maximum 1000 contacts total in a CRM which counters with Hubspot unlimited contacts feature in free accounts.

Usually, a new business doesn’t have too many contacts and they just start building the list so 1k is still a big number.

If you want to shift to their paid features then also Engagebay is cheaper than Hubspot. The features completely define it as an edge over Hubspot as an alternative. But make sure you know what you want out of your CRM.

Hubspot alternative 1 is Engagebay

Engagebay Pricing as in April 2020

Like other CRM tools, Engagebay provides almost all the necessary tools inside it. You can set up an autoresponder and start sequence emailing to your customer in the free version as well.


Hubspot CRM alternative #2 is SendinBlue

Sendinblue is a tool that every Digital marketing agency or eCommerce based business requires to boost its revenue with little effort. It provides almost all the marketing features. Rather I should say it is the perfect Hubspot CRM alternative for account-based marketing.

You can market your audience on email and SMS with just an automation setup. The free model of SendinBlue attracts me even more as they are providing 300 emails per day in their free plan. This feature can solve a lot of problems. And unlimited contacts in free subscription makes it a butter on bread feature.

Hubspot alternative #2 is SendinBlue

SendinBlue Pricing as in April 2020

The pricing model of Sendinblue looks like this. In the free model, we get 300 emails/day. 

There is a hidden clause that you must know is there would be a logo of SendinBlue at the bottom to all of your emails with a free subscription. Almost all the tools have the same clause so we can neglect this negative feature. 

Overall SendinBlue is a good tool for SMEs who are looking for free or cheap CRM having CRM and account-based marketing features.


Hubspot CRM alternative #3 is Bitrix24

The most advanced tool having almost everything available for free is Bitrix24 which makes it a perfect Hubspot competitor. I remember when Hubspot came with its CRM everything was free and we all could use almost all the features for free, but later Hubspot made a lot of things premium. Bitrix24 is at an early stage and giving free stuff to everyone to try and get the benefit of a CRM.

Bitrix24 provides all the features that Hubspot provides at a much cheaper price. A small business owner must try this tool to increase the number of clients and better data analytics with its efforts.

Hubspot alternative #3 is Bitrix24

Bitrix24 Pricing as in April 2020

The pricing page features makes it above par. It’s new in the market and giving a lot of features for free. It’s time to try this tool for a chance for free for your business setup.

In the end, I must add that you check all the tools that a CRM provides and what is important for your business. A marketing agency may require marketing tools in a CRM and the Sales team may require all the sales tools within the tool. The product owners having a team above 10 may be looking for a CRM that also provides team handling and task management within one platform like Hubspot and Zoho provides.

It’s all subjective but starting with free tools is a good idea to understand CRM infrastructure and how it can benefit your business.


FAQs on Hubspot CRM Alternatives that you may like

Q1. – Who are Hubspot CRM competitors?

The leading Hubspot competitors which work same or better than Hubspot irrespective of the software fee are:

  1. SalesForce
  2. Keap
  3. SalesFusion
  4. EngageBay
  5. SendinBlue
  6. Bitrix24
  7. Agile CRM
  8. FreshSales
  9. Insightly
  10. Apptivo

Q2. Is leaving Hubspot a good idea?

Yes, The import/export data from different CRMs can help you anytime throughout your business tenure. Even Zapier can also help you migrate your data from Hubspot to another CRM or vice versa. Hubspot has almost all the features that a business requires but the price point for using Hubspot premium features takes it a step back and forces us to search for any other similar tool.

Q3. Which CRM is better than Hubspot?

It’s totally your call how and what features your business requires right now. You can with Sendinblue if you have an eCommerce or fully digital products available at lower ticket price. But if you have services or educational courses then you may require a better tool like Engagebay which have many other features for your sales team.

Q4. What if I want to migrate data from Hubspot CRM to any other or vice versa?

You can easily migrate your contacts and all the relevant data via Zapier or import/export feature of different CRMs. However, it may take time to refine the data or you may require to contact the newly chosen CRM team to help you in migrating the data.


Comment down your favorite Hubspot CRM alternative or Hubspot competitor and if you are searching for any specific feature in a CRM at a low cost, do let us know. We will find, research and help you with the tool.