Wasted a lot of money on testing the best advertisement on Facebook, google and youtube?

Today, I am going to talk about PowerAdSpy review, a Facebook ad spy tool, which shows you all the ads running live on the Facebook network and which one converts well.

When I first saw the Google ad about PowerAdSpy on a blog, I thought it’s just a random tool whose founders are just trying to make money through one more SaaS tool in the market. 

I decided to at least go through the advertisement, and check more about PowerAdSpy tool, which said I can spy my competitor’s advertising and paid marketing strategies with just one click.

I went through the website, features, videos and loved the idea behind this unique software. It could have saved a lot of Ad-spend If I knew it earlier.

Finally, I decided to write a PowerAdSpy review and my personal experienced Pros & Cons for our subscribers and followers here.

I wrote a really in-depth article on PowerAdSpy review and you can read any part of the content through the table below by just clicking once.

What is PowerAdSpy?

PowerAdSpy is a spy tool for advertisers to check the successful campaigns running on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Yahoo Ads, their ad copies, and engagement count in just one click. PowerAdSpy basically is known for FB ads spy tool has a database of 50 mn+ ad copies and which is increasing by 10k+ ad copies daily.



Every advertiser knows the value of competitor analysis and the best ad copies. An ad copy can save $1000 of testing on the Facebook platform as FB is interest-based targeting and it depends on the copy and representation of the product or service.

PowerAdSpy also has a landing page extracting feature and spying the technology a competitor is using on its website. In just a few clicks you can download your competitors landing page.

Who created PowerAdspy and why?

Sumit Ghosh - PowerAdspy Founder

Sumit Ghosh – PowerAdspy Founder

Sumit Ghosh, a serial SaaS Entrepreneur from India who has founded some million dollar companies like Socioboard, Globussoft, EmpMonitor etc. He calls himself a Techno-marketer who believes in Technology powered Digital Marketing.

He founded PowerAdSpy to save money for his own ventures and later started selling it as software as a service.

I couldn’t find his active Linkedin account but yes his Facebook and Twitter account shows that he has made a lot of Social media software and AI-based platforms.

He also owns a personal blog where he quoted some of his online SaaS ventures and his personal life.

PowerAdSpy is a hit product from his list of bootstrapped products which have hundreds of marketing agencies as a customer.

How to get benefit from ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy?

Ad spy tools help to find all the relevant ads in your industry and how they are working. The advertising industry works on ad copies and audience targeting. If you want to target an industry like “Health”, you need to know what others are advertising in the same niche.

It’s not only about the ad copy, but it also includes

  • Writing tone of the ad,
  • Length of all the ads performing well,
  • What type of content is working well, image or video?
  • What type of landing page your competitors have
  • What CTA’s are working in your niche

You need to understand all these things before investing money in advertisements. Just putting $100 in paid media doesn’t make any sense if you don’t know what your audience likes most.

You can not sell your product to the audience who is getting free packets of the same product from a competitor as a free giveaway.

You need to check what’s happening around and for it, PowerAdSpy type tool can help a lot.

You can easily copy good copies working for others and create something similar. This way you save a lot of money on testing and time to create those non-converting ads.

PowerAdspy Review: Detailed testing and result

 I was also sceptical about its features and so-called advertisement saying a book of 1 Mn+ advertisement at one place with category filtration. But to provide you with the expert PowerAdspy review, I decided to try and write an honest review on it.

PowerAdspy features

It is uniquely designed to spy on other advertisements especially on Facebook and Instagram. You can easily login into the dashboard and see the immense database of all the ads these advertising platforms have.

If I talk about the name of advertising platforms whose data you can check in PowerAdspy are

  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Youtube Ads

It has a lot more options inside but I don’t find them good enough to use. Facebook and Instagram have very good ads databases. Many other advertising platforms are available under beta version such as:

  • Quora Ads
  • Reddit Ads
  • Native Ads

PowerAdspy Dashboard

Let’s introduce you with the dashboard I got after logging in. The top menu bar shows all the advertising platforms data it has. The left side column has a data filtering option where you can filter the keywords in ad, image or headline. The date range and sorting as per date, engagement rate, likes, comments etc. 

Internal Dashboard - PowerAdSpy Review

PowerAdSpy Internal Dashboard

There are a lot of filters available in the left column, but that doesn’t work so accurately at all. However, in my test keywords were working so fine and I could see some of the top ads using good keywords in the ad copy.

The dashboard is easy to use and it also has some good data about top ads landing page, target audience demographics and dates the ad started. Let’s have a look at it below

Demographics & Audience insights by Poweradspy

How to use PowerAdspy – Tutorial

Using it as much as easy as using Instagram as a new user. I appreciate the developer for creating such a simplistic internal dashboard. Being an advertiser or media buyer you can learn the Poweradspy tutorial within a few minutes.

Let me try to show you something via an example. 

Let’s say, we need to find pet eCommerce related ads by other trainers and what copy works well with the target audience.

I quickly go to the left side panel and change the search mode to keywords. Thereafter I moved to Ad text and left it as it is.

Type in my keyword “dog” and click the Search button. It immediately showed me 866 results where the word dog has been used in the ad copy.

PowerAdspy Setting tabs and dashboard overview

Now I can easily check all the ads and what type of copy is exciting my target audience.

You need to have a little broader mind while typing in the keyword. Pet niche means, dog, cat, or any other pet. Now I have some data to start adding my ad copies, image copy, ad headline to go with.

There is a bookmark feature at the top right of each ad by PowerAdspy through which you can easily save all the ads you like. You can bookmark as much you can.

Ad Bookmark option in poweradspy tool (PowerAdspy Review)

We can check the advance analytics of the ad by clicking the “show analytics” button at the bottom left of each advertisement. It will give you more info about the ad.

Show Analytics” feature by PowerAdspy has several key metrics which can help to understand the ad and targeted audience demographics.

Such as Social Engagement, which shows a complete graph of the ad from the first date it started and engagement rate it is getting.

Social Engagement History graph in poweradspy review

Country and relationship status of the audience targeted. It has almost all the countries where the advertisement has been shown and the estimated relationship status of the audience.

Advanced data of an ad in poweradspy tool

If the ad has some age, the PowerAdspy tool can also show you the age and gender to whom the ad has been delivered.

Age and Gender information by PowerAdspy ad spying software

Ultimately, you can get the result of only those ads which have ad-age longer than 3 months. If you are looking for the latest ad, you may be disappointed with the tool.

PowerAdspy Pricing

PowerAdspy comes with different pricing for different types of use. The Free feature allows you to search 20 search terms and will show you ads from all the platforms available. The free feature on PowerAdspy comes with a 10 days trial period.

Thereafter you have to pay for every service you want to use.

Latest PowerAdspy pricing (April 2020)

Upon testing I found, the tool is most efficient in only Facebook and Instagram ads. I found it super awesome to spy the FB platform but not any other. So moving above the Standard price of $99 is not a good idea.

I would suggest trying the free trial of the product first to check other platforms. I liked the Facebook and Instagram spying which I can suggest you buy.

PowerAdspy Support & Service review

Customer support by PowerAdspy seems good to me. I instantly got a call once I asked something. They are ready to guide you with the tool. However, you will never be required to connect them.

Still, in case, you want to connect with them for anything you can fill-up the form on the contact page and they are also active in a Facebook group where you can directly connect with their team. You can get access to the Facebook group inside the admin dashboard. A Facebook group which has 4500+ members using spy tool on a regular basis.

The good thing about PowerAdspy is they have built tutorials on youtube which you can watch anytime.

PowerAdspy Pros & Cons

Although the tool is all good for spying ads but yet there are some glitches that i feel you should know before ordering any premium plan from it.

Pros are:

  • The best tool to spy Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Have certain filters inside which works perfectly
  • The ad analytics give a good idea about the engagement rate and audience demographics
  • A marketer can save his time of A/B testing any ad by looking at other ads in it.

Cons are:

  • Apart from Facebook and Instagram ads data, it doesn’t have enough data for google, quora, youtube and Reddit ads.
  • Search Ajax is not perfect, a user may have to use smartly to get good results out of it.
  • It shows only old advertisements, if you are looking for any recent ad campaign by anyone, you won’t get.

Conclusion: PowerAdspy review (Final)

My final PowerAdspy review would be it is a good tool to spy Facebook and Instagram ads. But if you are looking to spy google and youtube ads, you may need to try another tool like Spyfoo.

It’s the best Facebook ad spy tool which provides almost all the required features to check and track other’s ads. The basic plan with $99 per month can solve the marketing agency’s problems to find better ad copy and image copy. The results from PowerAdspy can give a good insight into the target audience preference and what type of ad they are liking online more.

Common FAQs around PowerAdSpy Tool

Although the tool is very simple to use, there can still be some questions and queries. I have tried my best to answer all of them below. If you have any specific question, ask me in the comments and I would add it to my blog.

How do I spy on YouTube ads using PowerAdspy?

Upon logging in, the dashboard has a section on the top right to select youtube. It works a similar way as you search for Facebook ads. You can type any keyword in the left side menu and use the filters to sort. 

Youtube Dashboard in PowerAdspy tool

You can judge the best performing ad using the likes metric at each youtube ad on PowerAdspy tool.

How to judge which ad is performing well in PowerAdSpy?

Well, it seems trickier as we don’t get the conversion data in it. The top-performing ads may have been getting good engagement but not converting at a good CPL.

  • I recommend judging the best performing ad on the basis of the number of views an ad gets. As an advertiser only runs ad campaigns with it’s best performing ad only. The ad with the highest ad views must be the best performing ad of that brand campaign.
  • You can also check the common copies of ads from the same advertiser. Usually, the advertiser uses the same winning copy on all the ads. You can simply copy the ad-copy and update as per your need.
  • You can use engagement as a factor as the ads platforms love engagement and if someone’s ad is getting good engagement means, it should be converting as well.
  • The ad-age can also define its efficiency. The simple theory behind it is why would an advertiser be spending money on a non-performing ad for a long time.

How does PowerAdSpy collect its data?

Well, it has not been disclosed by their team, but it seems obvious that the chrome extension they force to use while using PowerAdspy collects the data of ads I receive while scrolling Facebook, Youtube or any other blog on google.

If you notice, upon logging in the PowerAdspy dashboard it forces to install their official chrome extension and open the Facebook homepage in another tab.

This must have some relation at the background to track all the ads that have been shown to me or any other user using PowerAdspy.

How to use PowerAdSpy free trial?

PowerAdspy comes with a 10 days free trial without any credit card inclusion. I have tried the Poweradspy free trial account and it ‘s awesome to use an awesome spying tool for free.

Although the free trial comes with a limit to do 20 searches per day, the result shows a good idea about the advertisement market for any targeted niche.

You can simply signup with an email and password. It sends the password to your email id also to verify your email account. Once confirmed, you will be able to login to the PowerAdspy dashboard and check the desired ads.

Since it doesn’t have a credit card pre-save, your free trial will end after 10 days without any prior notice.

What is the best PowerAdSpy coupon to save money?

Although this tool comes with specific features that no other tool have. And it all comes with a free trial account also. It’s tough to find the PowerAdspy coupon or promo code to buy.

However, we figured out the brilliant page where you can get it at a very nominal price,

Click below the link to check that sales page with the heavy discount applied on PowerAdspy payment page.

Feel free to type your queries in the comments section below. I would like to solve all your queries on Poweradspy review.

PowerAdSpy Review with Free Trial Coupon Code (April 2020)

Honest and tested PowerAdspy review and coupon code which saved my $1000 on ad spend with my new project in April 2020. Know Poweradspy pros and cons in detail here...

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