There are thousands of web hosting companies on the internet selling web hosting for different needs. Buying a shared web hosting for unlimited domains especially the WordPress blogs or websites require smartness in looking at the right thing that you may require to integrate a plugin or any third-party app at optimum cost.

There are 100s of comparison points that may boggle your mind. It’s like buying vegetables from a very large market and all have the same veggies but claiming premium quality and optimum price. 

When I was looking for the best reliable shared web hosting which allows me to host unlimited domains, I checked almost 50 web hosting services and built a list of pros and cons about them through all the review blogs and videos.

Even I tried asking my friends or online communities, They all have different suggestions and made me more confused in choosing a shared web hosting at a nominal price.

Typing “Web hosting” on google provides a number of hosting brands fighting to sell their hosting package through organic as well as paid listings such as Bluehost, InmotionHosting, Hostgator, Godaddy etc.

But I was sure to go for the only one which I can bear for the next few years. It shouldn’t be too expensive or cheap. I wanted to buy hosting that allows me all the integrations of my WordPress blog glibly.

Now the question arises,

What type of shared web hosting should I go for?

After researching a lot, I decided to look for some basic but important features in the shared web hosting which are as follows:

  1. Shared Web hosting for unlimited domains – When you have more than 1 domain to host, you go for web hosting for multiple domains. Shared hosting is good for initial setup and growth. Dedicated and VPS would cost much and a WordPress blog initially doesn’t get so much user traffic so wasting money on these high-power machines is not a good idea.
  2. cPanel – cPanel is must for all the newbies as typing commands on putty is a headache and cPanel makes it easy to use the FTP. cPanel is actually server OS which has all the relevant settings and makes all the settings update like you handle your smartphone.
  3. Disk size & type – If you want to host a number of Infographics, PDFs and PPTs, emails on your server, the disk size dedicated to your account should be enough or more than 25 GB. And SSD servers are available at low cost, then it is a must.
  4. Support & service – As the WordPress themes and plugins require multiple settings and sometime you may need to change or update the backend apps or tools. These all settings are handled by the web hosting providers. A web hosting with excellent customer support is required when you are naive in all these things or don’t want to waste time in non-relevant tasks. It is most important while choosing a shared web hosting for unlimited domains or websites.

What are the best-shared web hosting plans available?

From the thousands of web hosting plans and sellers, I built a list of top 10 web hosting for WordPress blog companies.

All have different price and different features. Choosing the cheapest one is not a wise decision in buying hosting. Because it’s kind of a home in which you will reside and pay rent to hosting provider each and every year till you have a website or blog.

The hosting companies have lucrative offers to lure but, it is important to read terms and conditions before deciding the best one. All the hosting companies are following 1 common strategy to sell and that is the first cheapest hosting plan.

If you go to any hosting selling page, you will be glad to see such a low-cost hosting with 100s of features but when you initiate the payment you get charged with a higher price than shown before. Because these all hosting companies sell the first month hosting at 10 times cheaper and once the user register, they start charging at a normal price they had.

Shared web hosting for unlimited domains Infographic

I myself registered at each and every web hosting selling portal and checked the final price that one has to pay if he buys a WordPress suited shared web hosting for unlimited domains for 1 year.

Shared Web Hosting Plans for Unlimited Domains - Infographic

List of top 10 Shared web hosting for unlimited domains

The cheapest shared web hosting providing shared web hosting for unlimited domains are as follows:

  1. Bluehost Plus Pack – $90/year including 1 free domain.
  2. Hostgator Business Plan – $104/year using a coupon (GATORMDH)
  3. Siteground Gogeek plan – $144/year
  4. DreamHost Shared Unlimited – $48 for the first year.
  5. Hostinger premium shared hosting – $35/year with a free domain
  6. A2Hosting Turbo – $124/year with promo: DASH
  7. InMotion Pro Plan – $177/year with a new domain
  8. Godaddy Ultimate Plan – $95/year
  9. Bigrock hosting pro plan – $78/year
  10. Fastcomet Fastcloud plus – $54/year with STAYHOME70 coupon (SSD included)

*Please note All the shared web hosting for unlimited domains having cPanel and unlimited sub-domains add-on feature.

 I can add a lot more in the list but these 10 are enough for someone looking shared web hosting for unlimited domains addon feature and start a blog, website, business etc.

Which one is the best shared web hosting for unlimited domains?

All of the above-listed plans and price are good to start.

The cheapest one is Fastcomet providing the SSD shared web hosting for unlimited domains at just $54 per year. And another one is Hostinger which also provides its premium shared web hosting for unlimited domains plan in $35 with a domain free of cost. The Expensive one is Siteground selling at $144 per year. All the hosting plans showcasing utmost features in their hosting servers.

Now it’s up to you which one lands up in your budget and trust scale.

I personally recommend going with Hostinger as it’s cheap and has good reviews on online communities. Hostinger comes in top 10 hosting providers online. As you are new in online business and require reliable and scalable shared web hosting for unlimited domains plan. Hostinger can solve your hosting and domain problem in starting and once you start earning or making some leads out of your website/blog, you can easily shift to an expensive host like Siteground or Bluehost.

Rest you know the price of all the leading shared web hosting for unlimited domains, you can check and decide as per your budget. If you require any help reach out to us or comment down your query. We will try our best to solve your problem and help you.